About Eco Window Films

Eco Window Films:  Your Partner In Energy Conservation, Greater Comfort, Added Beauty, UV Protection, & More.

Eco Window Films serves a large and diverse clientele throughout Connecticut and in neighboring states.


First and foremost, we are commercial and residential window film specialists and installers.  And while that may be what best describes us, the following attributes serve to distinguish us from other window film companies:

  • We work with each client to develop exactly the right custom solution to meet their particular needs for energy savings, greater productivity, added safety, UV protection, and more.
  • At the same time, general contractors, architects, engineers, and others can count us to adhere to product specifications as provided.
  • Our flexible team of installers is ready to work within and around your schedule to help facilitate on-time project completion.
  • We offer and install window film products from numerous manufacturers for every need, budget, and end-use application.
  • What’s more, the pros at Eco Window Films not only keep abreast of the latest product innovations, very often we’re first to market with them.
  • Our design consultants can and will provide you with design and other creative ideas to help bring your ultimate vision to light…and life.

More Reasons to Choose Eco Window Films

We match your concern and need for quality assurance by installing only the very best products from the leading window film manufacturers.  Each of their products is warrantied and has been thoroughly tested to further ensure your complete satisfaction.


Throughout our working relationship, Eco Window Films will treat you like a long-term customer, and work hard to help you become one.  In the process, you can expect:

  • Strict budget adherence
  • Answers to all your questions
  • A commitment to provide service that exceeds your expectations

At Eco Window Films, we also are committed to a greener America and proud to contribute to a more sustainable environment, one project at time.