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Window Film Adds Beauty & Privacy to Your Home. Not to Mention Greater Safety, Glare Reduction, Cost Savings, & More.

eco-new-1Window film is a pretty amazing product.  Especially when it’s properly recommended and installed by the specialists at Eco Window Films.


With optically clear window films added to your home, for example, you can enjoy unobstructed views with complete privacy.  Added security.  Protection from the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays.  And so much more.


At Eco Window Films, we can bring your vision to life while achieving each of your specific goals.  To that end, we offer a wide product selection and creative ideas on how best to apply them.  Plus, all our window films are warrantied by the industry’s leading manufacturers for your complete peace of mind.


Just look at everything you can accomplish with Eco Window Films.


Preserve Colors & Value.  Ultraviolet rays can and will do a number on the color of fabrics, rugs and hardwood floors.  They are, in fact, the leading cause of fading.  But with window films that block 99% of UV rays, you can enjoy longer lasting beauty while saving thousands of dollars on replacement costs.  The same goes for your antiques and artwork.
Protect Your Health.  When going to the beach, for example, most people cover themselves with sun block to help prevent premature aging, problems with their eye sight, skin diseases…even cancer.  Well, those same risks from over-exposure to the sun exist inside your home, too, but can be all but eliminated with the 99% UV protection our residential window films provide.


Greater Comfort & Lower Energy Bills.  How many times have you had to turn up your air conditioner during the day to cool off your home?  Or, at the very least, close your blinds and drapes to prevent the sun from creating an indoor inferno?  Once again, it’s Eco Window Films in Connecticut to the rescue.  Our high quality films help reduce solar heat from the outside during the summer, and prevent heat loss during the cold weather months.  For you, that means greater comfort and lower energy costs.


Save Money on Home Improvement.  If you’ve been thinking about replacing your windows to lower your energy costs, now you can accomplish the same goal – and for  about 20% of the cost – with insulating window film.  You’ll get a lot more mileage from your older windows and enjoy substantial energy savings without the huge upfront investment of replacement windows.


Reduce Glare.  Love the light but can’t stand the glare?  Eco Window Films offers products that can reduce glare by up to 87%, which means no more problems trying to see your computer or TV screens during the day.


Greater Safety.  Connecticut is no stranger to severe storms, the kind that can shatter windows and cause serious injuries.  We can help eliminate that worry with shatter-proof window films.  It’s made from heavy-duty polyester and then bonded by strong adhesives to hold the glass in place and prevent it from spraying a room or its occupants with sharp-edged shards.  These sameinvisible window films – which also block 99% of the sun’s UV rays – provide added protection against burglars without calling attention to themselves.  Even you will barely know they’re there.


Pure Decoration.  Ever seen the dramatic beauty created by etched glass?  Well, now you can enjoy the same striking effect for a lot less money, and total ease of cleaning.  Window film?  Of course.  At Eco Window Films, we can show you a range of decorative window film options that also includes multiple shapes, patterns, and colors.  We provide custom solutions, too.  If you can dream it, we can make it.


Take a good long look at your windows.  Then call Eco Window Films for a free in-home consultation.   And together, we can create something special.