Safety Window Film CT | Security Window Film CT

Our Safety & Security Films are on the Job 24/7 Keeping Watch Over Your Building and its Occupants.

eco12Windows can and often are broken for nefarious purposes or for no good reason at all.  And then there’s the impact from high winds or a major storm.

But the one thing that can greatly enhance the strength of your windows – and thereby minimize the negative impact of breakage – is window film expertly recommended and installed by Eco Window Films.

Our optically clear films hold glass in place to prevent burglars and vandals from entering.

And yet, are all safety and security films alike?  Not by a long shot.  All the more reason to choose Eco Window Films as we offer high quality films that have passed the following tests:

  • Missile impact
  • GSA blast standards
  • DoD blast standards

For a higher level of protection, we also provide safety and security films with a seal anchoring system that forms a strong structural bond between the frame, glass, and film.  That means the glass won’t pop out of its frame, further minimizing the potential for accidental injuries and damage to your building.

More Safety & Security Window Film Advantages:

  • Optional tinting for greater energy efficiency
  • Easy to clean
  • 99%+ UV ray protection
  • Best warranty in the business

Anti-Graffiti Window Film CTeco13

Graffiti is more than a major nuisance.  Getting rid of it could represent a major expense, not to mention the embarrassment and anxiety that often accompanies the unwanted “artwork” of vandals.  At Eco Window Films, we offer anti-graffiti film that’s clear, invisible, and applied to exterior window surfaces.

This multi-purpose film is washable but, if the damage is severe enough, it can be replaced at a fraction of the cost of a new store-front or display window.  It’s also safe enough to prevent glass from shattering should breakage occur .

To learn more about our many safety, security, and anti-graffiti window film options – or, to request a free project proposal – contact Eco Window Films today.